15 Legit Ways to Make Money in One Hour

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Who wouldn’t like to find more ways to make some quick cash? Well, you’ve just hit the jackpot: here are fifteen tried and tested ways to build up some bank that takes sixty minutes or less.

1. Sell Gently Used Clothes

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Selling clothing you don’t wear or don’t fit can net you some extra bucks in no time. You’ll have more success with clothes that are in better condition, so keep that in mind when selecting what to hand over. Take them to a local resale shop and take home the profit.

2. Check for Spare Change

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While this tip technically isn’t “making” money, it feels like you just made it if you didn’t know you had it! Lift up some cushions and turn out your pockets to see what emerges. Who knows – you might be surprised by how much you find!

3. Donate Plasma

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Donating plasma could take slightly longer than an hour. But depending on the day and where you go, making $50-75 bucks for an hour of sitting there is a pretty good deal. Plus, many places will have sign-on bonuses for your first donation.

4. Busk

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Do you have a hidden talent? Don’t hide it – flaunt it to the world and see if anyone will pay for it! Playing a musical instrument, singing, or dancing in public could bring in a pretty penny in a short period, especially in larger cities.

5. Use Sign-Up Bonuses for Your Benefit

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It’s not just donating plasma that rewards you for signing up; many banks or credit cards have sign-on bonuses. Credit cards have bonuses when you spend a certain amount, so make sure you feel like you can afford the initial spending amount first.

6. Freelancing

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Since freelancing is a job, you can expect to get decent pay if you have services you can offer. Everything from copywriting to web design is consistently in high demand. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and see what comes back to you!

7. Become a Dog Walker

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Get friendly with neighborhood fidos and make some money at the same time! If you’re a pet lover, you’ll love how quickly you can make some scratch taking a few dogs out for their daily walk. And it’s an awesome way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, too!

8. Try Gig Work

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Like freelancing, gig work is a great way to leverage talents to make extra money. You can find gigs through apps or on Craigslist and start working immediately! Flexibility is key for gig work, so keep yourself open to new possibilities when you see them.

9. Drive for a Ridesharing App

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If you have a car and are looking for a way to make quick money, there’s no easier way to do it than with apps like Lyft or Uber. Sign up for the app and go through the approval process. Once you’re in, you can start accepting rides. It’s that simple!

10. Test Out Websites

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Companies want to know whether or not they have a user-friendly website. So if you like judging things and not moving off your couch, you might want to try this money-making tip. Platforms like Userlytics or Usertesting are excellent places to start.

11. Use Your Friends

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For referrals – use them for referrals! Many apps or services offer cash if you get other people to sign up. So if you know someone who would love a service you’re using, send it by and let them know you’ll get a healthy bonus if they join!

12. Get Into Lawn Care

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Do you have a knack for weed-whacking? Many people don’t – but they’re willing to pay handsomely for someone else to do it! Start by checking with neighbors who might need a hand or sign up for apps to go about it the nouveau route.

13. Fill Out Online Surveys

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If you’ve got something to say, companies will pay you to say it. Filling out online surveys is a legit way to make some coin on the side. The best part is that most won’t take too long to fill out, so you can easily knock out a few in an hour!

14. Make Money From…Shopping?

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Good news for those who like to save your receipts: many websites and apps reward you for shopping at specific places. Check out some popular ones like Ibotta, Receipt Hog, or Fetch. Scanning them will take only a few seconds but will reward you nicely with some fast cash!

15. Babysitting

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Sometimes there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. If you’re good with kids and/or have incredible patience, babysitting could be a great gig for you. You can ask friends or family if they need help with childcare, but some apps and websites help connect you with parents who could use a night off.

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