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Jackson has been working on his yo yo skills for a few years now. It’s something that he kind of stumbled upon and wanted to give a try and discovered he really enjoyed it. His 5 Yo Yo Tricks tutorial is his first video!

Since we’re currently quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic, the kids and I have been using some of our time to work on a few videos. We’ve talked about doing them for quite a while, but never seem to have enough time. Well, now we do!

Our family has really enjoyed watching Jackson improve his skills. There are tons of videos that teach different yo yo moves, so if you’re looking for something fun for your kids to do while staying home, this can keep them busy for hours. (That’s a win-win if there ever was one, am I right?)

5 Yo Yo Tricks Tutorial by Jackson Blunt

He was part of a group of five students chosen for an art project at the high school. He’s now part of a large mural painted on the side of one of the buildings, so we used that for part of his video. Pretty cool, huh?

Although he makes it look so easy, it really does take some practice to get good at. Fortunately, he breaks it down in his step-by-step tutorial so you’ll know exactly how to do each move. 

If you’re just getting starting and wondering what the best yo yo to use is, here are his favorites:

YoYoFactory Shutter Unresponsive Professional Trick YoYo

YoYo Factory-Replay Pro – Tough Poly-Carbonate, with a Center Trac Bearing

5 Yo Yo Tricks Tutorial

Jackson showing one of the moves in his Yo Yo tutorial.
Jackson showing one of the moves in his Yo Yo tutorial.

These are the 5 Yo Yo tricks you’ll learn in his tutorial:

1 Breakaway
2 Trapeze
3 Trapeze & His Brother
4 Invert Mount
5 Brain Twister

Jackson showing another move in his Yo Yo tutorial.
His tutorial teaches step-by-step how to do each Yo-Yo trick.

2 Extra tips for learning how to Yo-Yo

If you’re just starting out learning how to yo-yo, there are a couple of things that can help. The first tip is for the yo-yoer. Use a yo-yo glove like this one to protect your fingers. You won’t always need one, but it’ll really help keep your fingers from getting rope burn when you’re first starting out.

The second tip will make the parents happier, so listen up. Don’t practice while standing on a wood floor! After the first few dings in the wood, we made a rule yo-yoing has to be done on the carpet or rug.

Jack loves talking about anything to do with yo-yoing, so be sure to leave a comment or ask a question and he’ll get back to you.

Thanks for watching and have fun learning!


PS. If you’re wondering who Jackson is, you can learn a little more about him here.

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  1. These are great, and he is so good at teaching these tricks. It’s been ages since I played with a yo-yo, but I had some mad skillz. Will have to dig it out. Great video!

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