Internet Users Shared the Best Purchases They’ve Made Under $100

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Recently, a Reddit reader asked, “What life-changing purchase can you make with less than $100?” People responded with solid answers that make us wonder why we haven’t thought of them ourselves. Here is a list of ten of the best answers given.

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1 Airtag For Your Luggage 

One Reddit reader replied that purchasing airtags to go in their luggage was money well spent. “Those airports won’t get me again,” replied another user.”

Other Redditors replied, “Good suggestion. I used one for my travels a few months ago and it worked like a charm. I could track my bag until we took off and the moment we landed I could track it again. Peace of mind for sure.”

Another user added, “Conversely, if you see your luggage never left your departure point or is not near you, you can skip waiting for your luggage altogether and file a lost luggage claim straight away. It’s such a time saver and gives you a jump on any potential insurance claims you may make.”

2 Fire Extinguisher

A Reddit reader answered, “A fire extinguisher is the best thing under $100 I’ve bought. It is my go-to housewarming gift.”

A user replied, “The first box into a new house should contain fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, toilet paper, and a plunger.

Some of those things you may never need, but if you need them, you’ll need them right now.”

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3 Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser

An electric toothbrush is what another Reddit reader gave as their answer, saying, “I’ll never go back to a manual toothbrush.”

Another reader added, “And a Waterpik water flosser. Wish I had used one as a teen.” Some readers had never heard of such and replied, “The what? A water flosser? This is too 1st world for my developing brain.”

Others were on board with the idea, though, saying, “I just bought one. It shoots water out, so you can essentially power wash your teeth. You’ll have that just left the dentist clean every day.”

4 Really Comfortable Pajamas and Bed Sheets

One user commented that buying comfy pj’s and quality bedsheets was money well spent. “They are so worth it. Basically, anything to improve your bed is worth it. It makes a huge difference to have nice pillows, blankets, and pjs.”

Another Redditor added, “So I got some $80 high thread count long fiber Egyptian cotton sheets. I would never have believed it, but those sheets alone significantly increased my sleep quality and also made me take far less time to fall asleep. My mind is still blown.”

5 Snuggies

One Reddit reader gave this relationship advice, “Fellas, if your girlfriend or fiancée is sick or just feeling down, go and buy her one of those sweater blanket things that have the sleeves and pockets. Every woman loves a blanket she can actually wear.”

Other readers confirmed his choice saying, “No joke. I got a Snuggie as a Xmas gift from a friend in 2009. I thought it was a joke, like a white elephant kind of thing. It was not. One of the legitimately most loved and used gifts I’ve ever been given.” Not to be forgotten, one reader added, “It’s got Pockets!!!”

6 Quality Undergarments

Not to be forgotten, one user said the best thing money could buy under $100 is “Good quality socks and underwear. They are game-changers in your day-to-day life! Your boots or shoes might not be the best, but good socks will make them suck that much less on your feet.

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7 Rice Cooker

Some users thought of the most valuable kitchen appliances they’ve spent money on that were less than $100. One answered, “There are a lot of dumb kitchen gadgets I have that just take up space most of the year, but my rice cooker is not one of them. So much better and more convenient than cooking manually on the stovetop.”

Another reader responded, “I second that. I am not sure about saying it’s life-changing, but it makes amazing rice, and I will never go back to stovetop. Plus, we have rice about twice a week now. Cheap, easy, and delicious.”

8 Programmable Coffee Machine

Another Redditor answered the question by saying, “A coffee machine that can be programmed to start itself saves a lot of time in the mornings, plus the bonus of waking up with the smell of coffee is worth it. Best $90 I ever spent.”

Keeping with the kitchen theme, one user added, “A good knife sharpener is money well spent. I bought one a couple of years ago for about $15 and can’t believe I lived without one for so long. It’s wall mounted with a suction cup, so it’s super easy to use.”

9 A Journal

One reader simply commented, “A journal,” to which another user replied, “This is such an underrated comment – journalling regularly this year has completely changed my outlook on life!”

Other readers chimed in, saying, “I love it because all of those traumatic things have still happened, I can’t change, but I feel much more grounded and compassionate with myself when I journal.” 

Continuing that thought, one user added, “I can identify things I want to work on or things that I need to change because anything that’s playing on my mind even subconsciously comes out when I write and I get that ‘Oh!’ lightbulb moment, which means I can take steps to address it.”

10 TSA Pre-check

A Redditor commented, “TSA Pre-check is the best $85 I’ve ever spent.” Another user agreed, saying, “I’m on multiple flights a month, and there’s no way I would have stayed at this job if I had to give away all the time I would have spent at the airport.”

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