Ex-Employees Reveal Surprising Company Insider Secrets (You Need to Know These!)

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Companies go above and beyond to safeguard their business tricks to keep their profits flowing. On the other hand, they can also go out of their way to hide their unscrupulous and filthy ways to stay afloat. Typically, these companies require employees to sign non-disclosure agreements to safeguard their trade secrets.

Now that these employees no longer work for these companies, they willingly disclosed these companies’ secrets on a popular online forum. Here are some of them.  

How Third-Party Hotel Booking Sites Might Be Playing Against You

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Many people receive tips about hotel bookings every other day. While other sources highly discourage booking via third-party sites, some frequent travelers swear by them. 

In the comment section, a former Hilton hotel’s front desk manager revealed one of the consequences of booking with these sites: “If you book a hotel room on one of those travel websites (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.), you are guaranteed to get the worst rooms available. If the hotel is completely empty, you’ll get a fine room. But if the hotel is half full, you’ll get the crummy rooms because you paid the lowest price. None of those websites can guarantee room type or accommodations, and it has ticked people off MANY times because we didn’t have the type of room they thought they booked.” 

If you want to get the best room, you may want to book directly with the hotel.

McDonald’s Sneaky Moves: How They Handle Non-compliant Employees

McDonalds employee
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Many companies and fast food managers said they refrain from firing non-compliant employees. They would typically give the employees a hard time until they decide to quit, and there is a good reason for that. 

“Former fast food manager here. I don’t know if this is a company-wide thing. Still, our regional McManager “strongly discouraged” us from firing anyone who had worked there more than six months since they’d be eligible for unemployment. Instead, we were encouraged to make their lives a living hell until they (hopefully) gave up and quit.” 

Don’t Count on that Rare Toy from Toys “R” Us!

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Depending on trends in the market, there are almost always toys people are looking for but never get. It turns out employees keep the gems to themselves. 

 “I used to work for Toys “r” Us, and the majority of the rare toys that people try to collect usually don’t even hit the shelves because the workers already put them aside for themselves.” 

When ‘Exotic’ Means Stale: The Truth Behind Ordering Unusual Dishes

Hygiene standards of restaurants should be top-notch
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When at a restaurant, order a regular entree. Ordering something random may mean getting something stale, or that has been in storage for ages. 

While it may seem fancy to order something “exotic,” you will probably be doing an injustice to yourself, as one ex-restaurant employee revealed, “Used to work at Round Table Pizza. Don’t order anything that requires an ingredient that seems completely random. Like shrimp? That sits out in the open until it runs out, and we have to change it, which is usually after 2-3 days. This is a good rule anywhere. You go to a burger joint, get a burger. If you go to a pizza joint, get pizza and stick to normal ingredients. Don’t order seafood at the hotdog stand.”

Off-Brand Ketchup Haters, Beware

Ketchup Haters
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Many consumers swear by Heinz ketchup and would not consider any other brand. 

If this is you, you could be unknowingly having that ketchup brand you hate when you visit. 

“It’s common for restaurants to fill Heinz ketchup bottles with off-brand ketchup once the bottles are empty,” revealed one ex-restaurant employee. 

What a way to cut costs!

Bigger Bucks, Same Cheese Amount: The Cheesy Truth Extra Cheese at Dominos

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If you thought ordering extra cheese would mean getting more cheese on your pizza, then you may be terribly wrong, at least according to a Domino’s employee. 

“A regular cheese pizza at Domino has the same amount of cheese as an extra cheese,” revealed an ex-Dominos employee. 

Save your money and get regular cheese pizza. 

Hold On to Hope for Your MacBook – It’s Not Over Yet!

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If your Apple computer has a problem, do not hesitate to take it back to an Apple store; you could get the newest model. 

One commenter revealed that they would try to fix the problem for the first and second time. If the problem persists after the second fixing, do not give up. 

The former Apple store employee revealed, “I used to work at an Apple store. If you bring in a computer 3 times for the same issue, they will replace it with a brand new model.”

Unlocking Victoria’s Secret: Tips From Those Who’ve Been on the Inside

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Here’s a more positive “secret.” Don’t hesitate to ask for help and opinions from Victoria’s Secret store employees. They likely have first-hand experience using the products in the store and know what to recommend to you. 

“Every time a new bra is released (not just color, but new STYLE), the employees get a free one, which means they are pretty knowledgeable about the products because they’ve worn them. Same with beauty products like lotions or new body mists,” revealed one commenter. 

That’s an employee perk most people don’t know about!

Be Contented With What’s On Walmart and Other Stores’ Shelves 

Walmart Store
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It may not precisely be an insider secret for Walmart, but certainly shopping etiquette for all stores. The floor associates, shelvers, and cashiers have no control over what is on the shelves and what is not. If they tell you there are no extras in the back room, be courteous and believe them. 

“I worked at a Walmart. This is the biggest secret I can share with the public: Believe it or not, the floor associates have no control over how much of something is in stock.”

Requesting them to go back and check for you only wastes everybody’s time. 

Cracking the Code: Unveiling Ways to Score Discounts at Lowe’s

Cracking the Code
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Turns out it is not that difficult to get discounts from Lowe’s, as one ex-employee disclosed, “Former Lowe’s employees here, you just have to work things around. Everyone in the store can give you 10% off your purchase, no matter what. This includes managers, department employees, cashiers, loaders… everyone. Abuse this by complaining, especially if you are buying a high-ticket item. The 10% is already budgeted into their profit, so they never have a problem giving it to you.”

Your Photo Is Your CV at American Apparel

CV at American Apparel
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When the discussion about companies with ridiculous hiring processes is brought up, American Apparel should be mentioned, according to some of its ex-employees. 

They revealed that the company focuses on its employees’ physical looks rather than their experience, skills, and work ethics. 

“I worked at American Apparel for two years. When I worked there, the company implemented a company-wide recruitment policy where anyone applying for a position must be photographed (1 headshot, one body shot). The actual resumes were thrown in the garbage. These photos were then sent to a company email address where someone would either give a thumbs up or down to the photographs. Staff were encouraged to recruit in-store and on the street and given a $100 bonus for every approved person. Before this was implemented, all existing staff were photographed (again, 1 headshot and 1 body shot). Anyone deemed physically unworthy was let go from the company,” disclosed one of their ex-employees.”

You’ve got to be kidding. What is up with that, American Apparel? 

Milk Allergic People, Watch Out for Starbucks

Starbucks employee making drinks -
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One ex-Starbucks Barista revealed how bad they are at cross-contamination. He said they had blenders clearly labeled, but no one cared. They mixed everything up in storage, operation, and cleaning. 

“In terms of cross-contamination, it’s pretty bad. We had blender pitchers labeled “dairy” and “non-dairy,” but no one cared. The metal pitchers and blender pitches are rinsed out with pressure and continue to be used throughout the day. The steam wand on the espresso machine (used for heating milk) is cleaned with a rag that soaks in the cleaning solution and uses the steam to clean out the inside. Still, the cleaning solution is often pretty contaminated with all the milk (if you think about it, wiping off a little milk and then putting it back in the same liquid… even if you change it out frequently, cross-contamination is almost immediate,” they elaborated.

If you’re ordering from Starbucks, be sure to politely remind them you expect non-cross contamination.

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