12 Real Jobs Most Teenagers Can Do Now

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For many teenagers, getting a job is about more than just making extra money – it’s a step towards independence and learning important life and financial skills. Whether saving for college, a car, or their first big move, a job can be a valuable experience.

Here, we’ve listed 12 of the best jobs suited for teenagers in today’s economy. These positions not only offer a chance to earn good money on a part-time basis but also provide practical experience that can be a stepping stone for future endeavors. Let’s dive into these opportunities that are both rewarding and well-paying for young

1. Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant
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This can be a good position for someone who loves dogs. Kennel assistants working in animal shelters, vet clinics, or care facilities clean cages; feed, walk, groom, and bathe animals; and sometimes help provide medication.

2. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Dog Walker or Pet Sitter
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Another great job for an animal lover is one of these. People who are gone for long periods during their day need someone to walk their dogs. When they’re gone for longer periods, someone has to feed their pets, let them out, clean litter boxes, etc. Many an entrepreneurial teen has started his or her own pet-sitting business and done really well.

3. Grocery Store Cashier

Grocery Store Cashier
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Grocery stores are typically open for long hours, and it can be hard to find staffing for all of them. That makes this position great for teens because of the flexible hours. As a cashier, you’ll scan items, bag groceries, process payments, and more. 

3. Car Wash Attendant

Car Wash Attendant
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There are a lot of different tasks that can come with this job. At a basic drive-through wash, it might mostly be performing some pre-washing services. If the location provides detailing services, the job might include drying, waxing, buffing, vacuuming, and more. Bonus: customers often tip car wash attendants.

5. Barista

coffee barista
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Making and serving coffee, other beverages, and food is the role of a barista. Keeping the site clean and greeting customers can also be expected duties. As with being a car wash attendant, a perk of this job is the possibility of being tipped.

6. Warehouse Team Member

Warehouse Team Member
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This can be hard physical work, but hours are flexible, and these jobs tend to pay well. They’re also good for hard workers who prefer not to be out front facing customers. With all the shipping that goes on due to online shopping, there’s no shortage of these jobs.

7. Retail Salesperson

woman retail worker with clipboard
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Working in a store at the local mall has long been a prime job for teens in high school and at home on college breaks. In a lot of places, malls aren’t the draws they used to be, but there are still plenty of retail stores out there, from big-box stores to small shops, that need help attending to customers’ needs, ringing up purchases, etc.

8. Lifeguard or Swim Instructor

Lifeguard or Swim Instructor
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Another classic teen job, lifeguards are always in high demand at public beaches, community pools, and private clubs. Someone who doesn’t want the responsibility of watching so many people but wants to work in the water can be a swim instructor instead. Thanks to there being so many indoor pools now, these are no longer summer-only positions.

9. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor
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Here’s a job that serves an important purpose and can be a lot of fun as well. Counselors plan and lead fun activities for younger kids, and there is a wide variety of camps and camp styles to choose from.

10. Babysitter

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Many a person’s first paid job was babysitting for the neighbor’s kids or maybe their own siblings. Today, babysitters who are CPR-certified and both fun and responsible can make seriously good money, especially if the job calls for providing care, not just supervision.

11. Busser or Restaurant Host/Hostess

Busser or Restaurant Host_Hostess
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The best way to make good money in a restaurant might be to wait tables, but in some places, you have to be 18 or even 21 because of rules around serving alcohol. Bussers clean tables when customers leave and help get them ready for the next customers, and sometimes they help with running food. Hosts/hostesses greet customers and guide them to their tables; sometimes, they take or manage takeout orders.

12. Referee or Umpire

Referee or Umpire
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Someone with a passion for a particular sport and extensive knowledge of its rules might enjoy being a referee or umpire. You’ll need a thick skin since there will be people unhappy with your calls, but the job keeps you active and pays well.

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