10 Jobs That Exist Because Common Sense Isn’t So Common (Like Potato Dirt Smearer)

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A lot of jobs exist only because people cannot do simple things for themselves, refuse to read and think things over, or cannot stop being jerks. 

A Reddit user asked people what jobs exist because people refuse to use their common sense. While some jobs mentioned in the responses were expected, some were ridiculous. You wouldn’t believe they exist. Here are some of the responses to jobs that exist because common sense is not common to everyone. 

1. Potato Dirt Smearer

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As funny as it sounds, people are hired to put some dirt back on cleaned potatoes to appear legit to the customers’ eyes. 

One user said, “Met a guy once – his job was putting dirt on potatoes. Somebody along the supply chain washed them pretty well that when they got to the grocery, people didn’t trust the clean potatoes. So one guy had to put the dirt back on them to make them more authentic.” Now it’s an actual job.

2. Litter Pickers

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This is one job that exists because people are jerks. If everyone could dispose of their trash well, nobody would have to pick after them. 

One respondent answering the thread’s query said, “Litter pickers; if people used bins instead of throwing trash on the floor, they wouldn’t be needed.”

And an even more ridiculous gig exists, as one user said, “At my university, we have a person whose job is to stand by the garbage area and make sure people dispose of their trash appropriately.”

3. IT Technicians 

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The IT guys in the comment section unanimously agreed that a huge part of their jobs exist only because people are lazy and refuse to read and follow simple instructions. 

One commenter said, “I’m an IT technician. The help desk stuff is pretty on point. Step one of dealing with computers is to READ what they tell you, and some people do not do this under any circumstances, then get upset and angry when I tell them that the error message they ignored told them how to fix the problem.”

Another computer repair worker added, “Probably half of everything I had to repair was extremely silly mistakes that could have been avoided by simply reading. Whenever people get an error message, they panic and click it away. Most don’t even read it when reading it could help you fix it.” 

4. Televangelists

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Televangelists thrive only because people, and most of the time, not the well-off, give them their money. If people thought things over just a little bit more, this job could be forgotten in a few years.  

One commenter said, “Televangelists. I hope I live to see the day people stop giving money to con men who buy McMansions and private jets and claim they deserve it because God loves them.”

5. A Huge Chunk of Customer Service Jobs 

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People working in customer service revealed that they are often contacted to spoon-feed people information that could be obtained by just checking the company’s website. 

While a few queries actually need help from customer service representatives, a lot of what they do is what customers can achieve from a few simple clicks and searches. 

One said, “Honestly, most customer service positions (like contact centers) exist because customers aren’t willing to spend the time or use their brains to troubleshoot and find answers. I worked in a large college’s financial aid call center for a few years, and 80% of the questions I answered were readily available to students on our website. They didn’t care to look for the answer themselves.”

6. Attorneys 

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This may come as a surprise to many, but attorneys are another group of professionals that agree that a huge chunk of their jobs would not exist if people read the law. 

They added that a lot of the things they deal with are repetitive and also things that many people could learn from and avoid 

One of the commenters said, “My husband is a Labor and Employment attorney for a massive company and gives monthly seminars to everyone there to not sexually harass one another. And like clockwork, someone in that room does it within a few weeks.”

7. Self Checkout Cashiers

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A cashier will always be waiting to help people who need help to self-checkout. While they step in whenever the machines malfunction, much of their job entails helping people who cannot follow simple instructions. 

One user working as a self-checkout cashier said, “This is my whole job as a self-checkout cashier. Slow down. Read the screen. Listen to what it’s telling you, and pay attention. Don’t just assume you’re doing it right.”

8. Homeopathy

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If everyone cared about their health, people working in alternative health would not use their medicine to “cure” illnesses. While many clinical trials demonstrate how much homeopathy has no objective effects, people still fall for it. 

One commenter said, “Homeopathy – they are everywhere here in Germany, and insurance even pays for their “treatments.” It’s ridiculous.”

It is even more disturbing to see medics believe and use it, as one user said, “My mum believes in it (despite being a medical professional), and I guess a placebo doesn’t have to be bad if it’s not overly expensive, so I haven’t yet bombed her with facts she’s gonna ignore anyway.” 

9. Club Bouncers 

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Bouncers in clubs only exist because of people who cannot remain civilized while everyone else is trying to have a good time. It could be having more drinks than they need to, breaking into fights, and vandalizing equipment. 

If everyone just had enough booze, enjoyed themselves, and went home, nobody would have to deal with such ignorance as one user said, “Drunk people can be the biggest idiots, and you need someone there that can handle them so they don’t ruin other people’s good time.”

10. Social Media Influencers

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It is people’s fault for letting social media influencers mess up the internet. 

A lot of search results you get whenever you are trying to purchase anything are heavily influenced by them. While they may be helpful, they often do not care about the product they are promoting or selling to you. 

One commenter highlighted that these jobs only exist because many people fail to do their due diligence before purchasing an item. They fully rely on reviews of a social media influencer who most probably has never used the product, which is ridiculous in itself. 

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