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With 8 billion people on the planet, we’re bound to have different thought processes than many people around us. Recently, a Reddit reader asked, “What is something you can’t believe people like?” and the answers hit home. 

Here’s what fellow Redditors had to say about the things they don’t like, even though others obviously do.

1. All for the Views

Reddit Reader Avocadofarmer32 said she can’t stand “the people who harass and disturb others in public just for views and clout.” More than four thousand Redditors gave that comment a positive vote implying they agree.

One reader responded, saying, “Some teens never grow up. It’s really scary to think there are these adults with actual power out there but (with) the emotional intelligence of a child. It’s a ticking time bomb.”

2. Jokes on You

Another popular opinion is that people don’t like watching others suffer as a “joke.” There were many examples given of adults, even parents, playing pranks on their kids just for the fun of scaring or embarrassing them. 

“There is a child whose mom used her for her blog. Got so fed up with mom’s constant filming, she bought a hoodie that said “no consent to being filmed” all over it and wore it daily. Drove her mom nuts, but the girl’s little sister saw what was happening and had girl buy her one too.” 

A reader replied with “Child services should get involved with all this social media abuse going on by parents.”

3. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Another reader answered, “People who are enamored by currently incarcerated murderers. The fact that people write fan letters or letters of love to people who have murdered their spouse and loved ones is insane to me.” 

Apparently, that was a pretty deep answer as reader coyi59 replied, “man, I was going to say onions!” 

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4. Non-stop Social Lives

One Redditor answered the question by saying, “Being busy or making plans every day. I NEED alone/rest time at least one day a week where I have no plans or obligations. Anything less and I burn out.” 

Over six thousand readers gave their approval for that answer, and one replied, “Any day I don’t have to leave the house for anything other than going to pick up a pizza and bringing it straight back home again is a personal win for me.”

5. It’s Nothing Personal

More than eight thousand Reddit readers agreed with the answer one person gave. Reader Notdorthvader said they didn’t like, “the plastic surgeon who is making all these celebrities look like clones of each other.” Another replied with, “I personally think that they’re underappreciated comic geniuses.”

A Redditor said, “I saw a woman at the mall yesterday who’d had her lips done. I kept looking at her thinking I knew her. I finally realized she just looks like all the other women who’ve had face work done.”

And yet another commented, “There’s a lot of aging celebs that I swear would look better if they just accepted their signs of age with grace instead of letting plastic surgeons play Frankenstein with them.”

6. Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Thousands of readers also agreed they dislike “people tattooing their eyes.” Say what? Yes, the actual whites of their eyeballs.

Dedj_McDedjson commented, “Eyeball tattoos… Tattoed eyes. Pigmented peepers. Ocular augmentation. Inky see-globes.” To this, another reader chimed in, “Jeepers, creepers, why’d you tat those peepers?”

One incredulous reader replied, “I’ve had to have some medications injected into my eyeball on six separate occasions. That took five seconds and Valium and incredible personal fortitude to go through with it. I cannot imagine sitting through a tattoo session ON MY EYEBALLS.”

7. Catipillar Eyelashes

While we’re talking about eyes, one fairly popular opinion was the dislike of “comically large eyelashes,” submitted by ShiroYaksha97. One reader replied, “Those Snuffleupagus lashes,” to which another quipped back, “you leave Snuffy out of this.” 

Although some people came to the defense of women wearing falsies, there were plenty of humorous comments. One reader said, “I always tease my cousin every time she wears those like, hey cuz, where are we flying to this time?” Another asked, “But how else will I know that cartoon rabbit is flirting with me?”

Do you agree or disagree? What would you add to this Reddit list of things people like that you don’t?

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