Ready to plan your dream vacation?

Maybe a better question is what’s stopping you from making it happen? Do any of these sound familiar?

You want to plan your dream vacation, but…

Maybe you don’t think you can afford to travel or you need help with trip itineraries and travel guides. Perhaps you don’t know where to go on vacation and need inspiring destination ideas. WE’VE GOT GOOD NEWS!

All of these can be overcome!

We’re here to help you learn how to get past the things standing in your way of taking your dream vacations.

We are all about helping people realize they can take amazing vacations for very little money…sometimes even completely free!

Hey friends, we’re so glad you’re here!

We used to think traveling to places like Hawaii or Europe or taking our kids on bucket list worthy vacations was something we could only do once every few years…if that!

Once we figured out how to get our hotels and flights for free (or almost free), everything changed!

Our trip to Antelope Canyon was part of an amazing dream vacation we took with free flights and a free hotel stay.
Our tour of Antelope Canyon was part of a trip we took where we both had free flights and a completely free hotel stay.

Not only do we want to help you learn how to do the same, we’re also sharing our trip itineraries and travel guides to help make planning your dream vacation even easier for you.

Start by grabbing our plan for how you can take a 6 Day Vacation to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon using points to pay for flights and hotels for four people! Then, spend some time looking around our site for ideas you can put into action.

Get ready to plan your dream vacation and you’ll be packing your bags before you know it!

Hearts & Hugs,
Rodney & Karee