10 Times Your Mom Was Right and Now You Know It

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Growing up, you probably heard a lot of things from your mom that made you roll your eyes. Sometimes you pretended to take it in, sometimes you argued back, and sometimes you just tried to ignore it. As the years passed, a funny thing happened: you looked back and realized she was right about a lot of those things. Here are ten things a lot of people heard their moms say that turned out to be pretty spot on:

1. Believing in Yourself Matters

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As a kid, it’s easy to let setbacks, failures, and rejections get you down. But those are part of growing up, and the only way to really get past them and grow is to believe in yourself even when it seems that nothing you do is working. Mom was always there to tell you that, and it didn’t seem like valuable advice at the time, but it turned out to be true.

2. Keeping a Good Schedule Is Important

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Let’s be honest: just about every kid hates bedtimes and curfews. However, having to come home by dark probably kept you safer and out of trouble, and not being allowed to stay up all night helped you develop routines that enabled you to function at school and, later, in work and life.

3. Life Isn’t Fair

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“That’s not fair!” It’s probably one of the most commonly repeated phrases during childhood. And to be fair (ha!), a lot of things weren’t fair when you were growing up, and you often seemed to wind up on the short end just because you were a kid. Mom was there to gently, sometimes sternly, tell you that life actually isn’t fair, which was true and something you needed to know in order to succeed.

4. Forgiveness Is a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness

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When you’re a kid, grudges and revenge fantasies over real and perceived wrongs can feel good. Forgiving a sibling, friend, or schoolmate doesn’t seem too fun or rewarding. It might even make you feel weak. Your mom probably encouraged you to forgive and make up, and as an adult, you found that was a much better way to go than dwelling in conflict and grievance.

5. Keep Yourself Neat and Clean

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Wash your face, comb your hair, brush your teeth, and so on. Okay, Mom. But she was onto something. Those good habits didn’t just keep you healthy; they also helped you make good first impressions on interviewers, admissions officers, and romantic interests.

6. Put on That Sunscreen

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Nothing threw a wet blanket on the excitement of running out to the beach, pool, or other outdoor setting than having to stop and put sunscreen on, especially when it came to the worst part: having to stand there in front of others while your mother applied it to places you couldn’t reach. Then, when you were older, you learned about something called skin cancer and saw some unsettling pictures, too.

7. Spend Money Wisely and Save the Rest

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Whoever coined the phrase “A fool and his money are soon parted” might have been observing a kid who’d just been handed some money. Instead of letting you blow all your money on candy, Mom probably talked about value, short-term vs. long-term, and other things that completely bored you. She might have even– gasp– made you open a savings account. If you know how to make and balance a budget, you might owe some thanks for that to Mom.

8. This Will Pass

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When you’re growing up, bad things have a tendency to seem like the end of the world. Remember the first time things ended with someone who was supposed to be the love of your life? Or when you were convinced your parents would kill you for [something minor in the rear view]. Mom told you that you would get past this episode and that you might even laugh about it one day, and she was right.

9. Be Careful Around That __________

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Insert the name of that kid you idolized and who seemed to have no rules or restrictions. You liked the aura of danger and trouble about him or her, but Mom warned you that this person was bad news and wasn’t really your friend. Maybe that person straightened out, but if you look back now, you’ll probably see that Mom had that person pegged pretty well.

10. No One Will Ever Love You as Much as Your Mother Will

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You probably heard some version of this more times than you can recall, but it’s really true. No one else in your life will ever be as invested in your happiness and success as your mother is, and your mother will always be there for you, even in the darkest of times.

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