10 Perfect Options for Travel Workout Equipment

What Is the Best Travel Workout Equipment?

Choosing the best travel workout equipment for you depends on your level of fitness and space allowance. Here are some of the best choices for you to consider.

Lightweight Yoga Mat

These days, portable yoga mats are incredibly lightweight and perfect for those who want to practice yoga and stay in shape on the move.

TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System

The TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System is a simple set-up and provides a full-body workout using only a few easy straps.

Jump Rope

Skipping is a great cardio workout that improves agility, balance, endurance, and coordination.   Once you become consistent with it, you’ll see results quickly.

Ab Wheel

The ab wheel is perfect for those who travel as it is small, light in weight, and is a killer piece of equipment to add to your workout.

Resistance Bands

Over the last ten years, resistance bands have become increasingly popular. Fitness and health experts have been shouting their benefits from the rooftop, and they deserve a place in accompanying you on your travels.

Water Filled Dumbbells

In normal circumstances, dumbbells would be the last thing you’d read on a travel workout equipment list, given a large percentage of them are cast iron, meaning they are neither light nor portable for most travelers.

Mini Foam Roller

A quality mini foam roller is an essential piece of travel workout equipment.  It’s no good exercising if you’re stiff and sore for days following, and this is where foam rollers work their magic.

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