12 Ways to Vacation Without Crowds

1 Rent a Cabin in the Woods or a House Near the Beach

Find yourself a cabin within driving distance and plan to spend your week there. It can be at the beach, near the mountains, western-themed, luxurious…whatever makes you happy.

2 Rent an RV and Hit the Road

If the thought of staying in hotel rooms in crowded places has you wanting to ditch your vacation plans altogether, renting an RV could be the perfect alternative for you.

3 Rent a Vrbo With Another Family

Want to avoid crowds on your vacation but don’t want to be complete hermits? Why not make plans with great friends or other family members and create your own vacation getaway?

4 Camp Cousin: The Ultimate Family Staycation

If your kids are like mine, they don’t care nearly as much about the destination as they do the agenda. If possible, consider making plans to get all the cousins in one place and make the week all about them being together.

5 Go Camping in a  National Park

Pack your camping gear and get ready to pitch your tent! If you’re looking for a way to vacation and avoid crowds, camping can be a great way to do it. There are so many beautiful campgrounds in our national parks!

6 Tour the World (while vacationing without crowds) with a private in-home chef

If your ultimate bucket list worthy vacation away from the crowds involves you staying at home, it doesn’t have to be boring! How about hiring a private chef to make a super special dinner for your family? Here are a couple of ideas you could go with. (See article)

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