15 Tips to Take Control of Your Grocery Budget Today

1. Avoid Snack Packs

It can be tempting to buy portion-controlled snack packs. They might seem like a healthy option, but you often pay more for the amount you’re getting, and they are only sometimes as healthy as they claim to be.

2. Shop at Farmer’s Markets for Produce

Consider shopping for fresh produce if your city has a local farmer’s market. Not only will you support local farmers, but their produce often has fewer pesticides and is significantly cheaper than most grocery stores.

3. Sign Up for Grocery Store Emails

If you want coupons sent directly to your inbox, sign up for your grocery store’s email newsletters. Stores will often send you printable coupons and grocery delivery or pickup offers. Only using coupons for items that you need.Not all sales are good deals.

4. Only Buy Perishable Goods in Quantities You’ll Use Immediately

Food thrown away because you didn’t use it by its expiration date is a massive waste of money. You can split up produce such as bananas and grapes based on how many you need.

5. Shop Around for Deals, Don’t Only Shop at One Store

Odds are sales are going on at virtually every grocery store in your area. Don’t limit yourself if you can get a better deal on an item at a different store than the one you usually go to. A deal is a deal.

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