Unleash Your Inner History Buff: 27 Washington DC Museums You Need to See to Believe

International Spy Museum

Visiting the International Spy Museum is an exciting way to learn about espionage and the history of spies. The museum offers an interactive experience called the Undercover Mission.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dedicated in 1993, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is “a living memorial to the Holocaust.” It offers a captivating collection that helps to remember the victims of this genocide and honor survivors.

One of the popular things to do when visiting Washington, DC, is explore one of the many Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo. Did you know that there are twenty-one museums under the Smithsonian Institution umbrella?

Smithsonian Institution

The Museum of the Bible offers an immersive and technologically advanced experience through the story, history, and influence of the Bible. It is an excellent learning adventure for all ages, with three floors of permanent exhibits and several more consisting of rotating and traveling exhibits.

Museum of the Bible

Visiting the National Geographic Museum is a fantastic experience that allows you to explore different aspects of our world. The museum offers a wide variety of rotating exhibits, so there is always a reason to revisit the museum.

National Geographic Museum

The National Children’s Museum is an ideal destination for families with young children. The museum offers a rotating selection of experiences designed to inspire learning through art, music, science, and creative activities.

National Children’s Museum

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