29 Must-Have Gifts Travelers Will Actually Use

A Trip

The best gift for travelers is a trip somewhere. If the traveler on your gift list lives in your household, you may be able to plan the perfect surprise vacation for them.

Tickets to Local Attractions

Travelers love to explore and experience new things. If a getaway isn’t in the cards, consider gifting them the opportunity to explore something local.

Travel Journal

Many travelers love to record their thoughts and feelings during a trip. Why not gift them a travel journal to make this process easier? A travel journal should be small, lightweight, and easy to carry.


A tablet is a versatile tool that’s easy to pack in a carry-on. Gift your favorite adventurer a small surface pro or iPad to help them stay connected while on the road.

House/Pet Sitting

The best gift you can give someone frequently costs time rather than money. Consider offering free house sitting or pet sitting services as a gift. Finding someone to watch a beloved pet while traveling is a huge burden, so make it easier by offering to do it.

TSA-Approved Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are convenient to have around. How often have you wanted a bottle of wine only to find the hotel doesn’t have a corkscrew? Unfortunately, most multi-tools come with knife attachments, which aren’t allowed by TSA. A multi-tool that passes TSA is a much appreciated gift.

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