4 Outstanding Ideas for Your Next Staycation

Benefits of a Staycation

At first glance, a staycation may look bland against luxurious accommodations, distant getaways, and beachfront resorts overlooking the ocean. However, there are several perks to booking your next relaxing vacation right at home.

Bringing the Outside World In

Whether your family trip is to a secluded getaway in the mountains, a blissful tropical cruise, a boutique hotel in a vibrant city, or a foreign country with a rich history to explore, the benefits of vacationing remain much the same.

1. The Great Indoors

Let’s start with what you might call the “classic” staycation. The simplest way to enjoy your stay is a free-flowing, low-commitment week off around the house.

2. To-Do List Tourism

For a staycation that’s a little light on the “-cation,” you may want to consider a few days at home catching up on life’s myriad tasks and to-dos.

3. The Local Getaway

If you’re looking for a staycation without too much “stay,“ you could also consider a bit of hyper-local travel.

4. A Hybrid Approach

Above all else, perhaps the most significant benefit of a staycation is its freedom and flexibility.

4. A Hybrid Approach

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