Although meeting face-to-face is an important aspect of conducting business, business travel can add more stress to an already busy working life—or workday, for that matter.

Here's How to Make Work Travel Less Stressful

Arrive Early

With many people going through security, getting to your airport terminal early means you have plenty of time to get through security without having to stress about missing your flight.

Book time for local activities

Traveling for work doesn’t mean you have to be on the clock 24/7. Keep in mind you’re not home doing chores after work and spend that time doing something fun instead. Look for parks near your hotel where you can take a walk and look at public art.

Seek out wellness amenities

If work travel stress manifests itself physically for you—be it stress headaches or back pain—try to book a hotel with amenities you can use to help ease you during your stay.


Business travel can easily disrupt your schedule, but it’s important to maintain some sort of exercise regimen during your stay to make sure you stay active.

Travel-Specific Benefits

Check with your employer to see if your company offers any help for extensive travel situations. Perhaps they offer a preset per diem for food or drink spending.

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