53 Ways You Can Embrace Frugal Living Today

Why Embrace Frugal Living

As someone who’s always been frugal, I can vouch for the benefits of living a frugal life. There are so many! For those who need a little more convincing, I list my top reasons to embrace frugality in this article.

How to Embrace Frugal Living

It isn’t hard—especially if you break it into manageable steps. That’s what I’ve done for you in this section of the article. Have a read and get ready to start your frugal living journey.

1. Regularly revisit recurring expenses

2. Shop around and get new quotes

3. Ask for loyalty discounts

4. Skip extended warranties

5. Pay in cash instead of with a credit card

6. Raise your deductibles

7. Fine-tune your coverage

8. Ditch bank accounts with fees

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