7 Best Ways To Save Money (Especially During Inflation)

1. Check Your Subscriptions

Do you know what subscriptions you have and how much they cost monthly? Do you need them all? Surprisingly, many people cannot answer these questions. These “low-priced” programs get away with your money. Who will notice $10 a month that they aren’t using? Now, you will!

2. Make A List Before You Go Shopping

The old saying is, “Never go food shopping hungry.” That is very true, but if you make a list before you go into any store, you are more likely to get the things you need rather than picking up random stuff you see in the store that you don’t need.

3. Plan Ahead and Eat at Home

Eating out is easy, but it is often costly. Food is expensive enough at the grocery store these days. But in addition to the rising cost of food, is the associated rising cost of eating out at restaurants and restaurant take-out. When you make your shopping list, plan your meals for the week as well.

4. Give Yourself An Online Shopping Day with a Budget

Online shopping can be a great way to keep to your budget because you are not walking around a store finding things you like that are off your shopping list. Limiting yourself to shopping online one day a week or a month, depending on your budget, will help keep you on track.

5. Make Sure You Have the Lowest Monthly Service Prices

Look at what you pay for monthly services, such as your phone and cable bills. You can sign up for promotions with your current company or if you change companies. Additionally, always look for sales.

6. Try Couponing

You’ll find the best prices and cashback shopping options with apps like Honey and Rakuten. You can also go “old school” and cut paper coupons from newspapers and flyers.

7. Consolidate

Dealing with debt frustrates staying on budget, as interest keeps piling up. Options such as balance transfers and debt consolidation will help ensure you don’t get buried underneath debt.

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