Best Flea Markets in Texas

Texas is home to some of America’s biggest and best flea markets in the country. Here are the best places to visit.

Canton First Monday Trades Day

Canton is one of the oldest flea markets in Texas, with its beginning dating back over 160 years. It's always held the weekend right before the first Monday of each month. It covers well over 100 acres so there's plenty of treasures to find.

Texas Antique Weekend

The Texas Antique Weekend is a niche flea market for people primarily interested in antiques. Antique Weekend is held in several locations in Texas.

Bussey’s Flea Market

Bussey’s flea market in Texas is particularly ideal if you’re into flipping flea market finds. Since they’re open every weekend, it’s easy to scour the market for cheap items you can fix up to resell at higher prices. Located in Schertz, TX

Cole’s Flea Market

Cole’s flea market is open every weekend, year-round. With over 44 shopping acres, more than 1000 vendors and stalls, and 50+ years of experience in the business, you’re right to expect this to be one of the best flea markets in Texas. Located in Pearland, TX

City-Wide Vintage Sale

This flea market is 40+ years strong. It went from a general item garage sale to a vintage and collectible marketplace, changing its name in 2019. City-Wide welcomes shoppers, collectors, interior designers, college students, set designers, wardrobe consultants, homeowners, and families. Located in Austin, TX

Third Monday Trade Days

Like Canton First Monday, this flea market has been running since the 1800s. They have over 450 vendors selling everything from antiques to accessories and even pets. Located at South Fork Ranch in Parker, TX

With 35 acres of open space, Sunny flea market welcomes over 30,000 shoppers weekly. You find plenty of booths to browse here because there are so many vendors waiting for you. Located in Houston, TX

Sunny Flea Market

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