Outsmarting Expenses: 10 AI-Powered Apps That Help Families Save Money

How Using AI-powered Apps Can Help

When it comes to navigating the world of personal finance, leveraging technology can make all the difference in how much money you’re able to save. Apps that use artificial intelligence are on the rise. Here are 10 you should know about.

1. Energy Management

Embrace the power of the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, an intelligent device that optimizes energy consumption by learning your preferences and adjusting settings accordingly.

2. Grocery Shopping

Basket is the brilliant grocery shopping companion that compares prices across multiple stores. With this app, families can find the best deals and plan their grocery trips accordingly.

3. Travel Planning

Wanderlust doesn’t have to break the bank. Hopper is an AI-infused travel app that predicts the best time to book flights and accommodations, ensuring your family gets the best deals on their vacations.

4. Meal Planning

Say goodbye to food waste with Mealime. This AI-powered app crafts recipes based on users’ preferences and pantry inventory, helping families save on grocery expenses.

5. Investment Management

For those who want to grow their savings intelligently, Betterment is the AI-enhanced robo-advisor that creates personalized investment portfolios tailored to individual financial goals and risk tolerances.

6. Subscription Management

Truebill, the keen-eyed app that keeps track of your subscriptions, helps users identify and cancel unused services, reducing monthly expenses in the process. With its intuitive interface, Truebill simplifies subscription management, ensuring you only pay for services you truly need and enjoy.

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