Stay Safe: Avoid These 10 Mistakes When Traveling in Europe

As you prepare for your European adventure, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with local laws and etiquette.  Here are some insights from seasoned European travelers on what to steer clear of on your next vacation.

Beware of Europe’s Sly Pickpockets

Pickpocketing is a common issue in major European cities. One commenter warned, “Be vigilant for pickpockets in Western Europe.

Avoid Tourist Trap Restaurants

Steer clear of restaurants that aggressively coax you inside. These establishments often overcharge, provide poor value for money, or manipulate situations to their advantage.

Respect Bicycle Paths

In major European cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, cycling is a way of life, not just a leisure activity. Distinct bicycle and pedestrian lanes are a common sight. If you’re on foot, stick to the pedestrian lanes.

Beware of Europe’s Cunning Scammers

Street scams are prevalent in European cities, often starting subtly and innocently. One reader suggested researching common scams before your visit. They shared, “Scams vary, so it’s best to read up on them beforehand.

Navigating Europe’s Cobblestones: Choose Comfort Over Style

Walking on Europe’s cobblestone streets in heels can be a nightmare. While European women may seem to effortlessly strut in heels, they’re accustomed to it. One commenter humorously warned, “Please, don’t wear stilettos in Germany.

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