Can Becoming a Minimalist and Decluttering Change Your Life?

What is Minimalism?

There’s much confusion about what exactly minimalism is. Practicing minimalism should create less stress, anxiety, and concern over finances in your life. In short, adopting the lifestyle of minimalism is about living with less.

1. Less Anxiety

When you see a pile of unsorted mail or clean laundry unfolded for days, it’s enough to create a sense of tension and urgency. Psychology backs this up! Seeing clutter overloads our brains and develops feelings of anxiousness.

2. New Perspective

Something happens once you’ve decided to take the plunge and develop a minimalistic lifestyle. You begin to change your perspective on things and life in general. What matters will become apparent to you. You might even second-guess yourself when considering purchasing an item.

3. Confidence

We often buy things to help us form an identity that keeps up with the Joneses. But, when we let go of those things, we discover that we can still be ourselves! We don’t need possessions to define who we are.

4. Freedom

Many people buy things to impress others – to gain friendships or that new promotion at work. But, after a while, it becomes exhausting.

5. More Harmonious Relationships

When our houses are in disarray due to clutter or disorganization, our relationships suffer. We start blaming or becoming passive-aggressive about the mess.  Decluttering can literally improve relationships with your loved ones.

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