Be a Beach Bookworm: The Best Beach Reads for Summer

"All reading is escapist, but there’s nothing quite as simply delectable and satisfying as a summer read."

Brand New Beach Reads

There is never a shortage of amazing new releases best enjoyed with a cheeky summer cocktail in hand. Summer looks great with a promising selection of great reads perfect for packing in your beach bag.

“Hula” by Jasmin Iolani Hakes

Set in beautiful Hilo, Hawaii, “Hula” is a vivacious coming-of-age story about Hi’i, a young woman born into a revered family on the Big Island. But a mysterious disappearance and years of fallout have stretched this family’s bond to breaking point.

“The Three of Us” by Ore Agbaje-Williams

Now here is a beach read that promises tea and tension. This summer, Ore Agbaje-Williams gifts us a comedic domestic drama about the bitter tension between a husband, his wife, and her best friend.

“Loot” by Tania James

Abbas is a gifted carpenter and woodcarver commissioned to build a massive wooden tiger automaton by Sultan Tipu to commemorate his sons’ return from British captivity. This commission changes this young man’s life and even takes him to Europe.

“All-Night Pharmacy” by Ruth Madievsky

“All-Night Pharmacy” is Los Angeles depravity: sex, drugs, and desperate actor types. But at the core, this is the story of two sisters as they hurtle towards adulthood, contend with their decisions, and call into question their sisterhood.

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