Best place to see the Grand Canyon Sunrise at South Rim

Where is the best place to see the Grand Canyon at Sunrise?

There are many viewing areas at the Grand Canyon, but some of them are not as accessible as others. Since you’ll be getting up before the crack of dawn, you’re probably going to want one that’s easy enough to drive to.

Where to Watch the Sunrise at Grand Canyon

Some of the most popular places to see the sunrise in Grand Canyon are along the South Rim. Mather Point, in particular, is a great option and arguably has the best view of the Grand Canyon you’ll find.

What Time is Sunrise at Grand Canyon

As the saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and it’s true here, too. If you aren’t already at the viewing area you planned to get to by sunrise time, you’re going to completely miss the show.

How Long Does a Sunrise Take?

Good question. Even before the sun starts to actually peak above the horizon, you’ll start getting a glimpse of the show. For that reason, you’re going to want to get to there 30 minutes before sunrise time.

Is Sunrise or Sunset Better at Grand Canyon?

Great question! We spent two nights at Grand Canyon Village so we were able to see two sunsets and two sunrises there. (Scroll up to read my thoughts on the two.)

How Many Days Should You Spend at the Grand Canyon?

Most people spend one to three nights at the Grand Canyon. Since we were there for two nights, we had time to explore the area around South Rim before heading out to see some of the other amazing vacation spots in Arizona.

How to Plan Your Arizona Vacation to the Grand Canyon

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Here's the Other Best Spot to See the Sunrise

There are other places along the rim that are great for seeing the sunrise, but on our second morning, we went to another spot and had it completely to ourselves. It was fabulous and well worth getting up early for! (Swipe up so I can tell you where it is!)

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