10 Best Trinkets and Souvenirs to Collect When Traveling

Frequent travelers chime in on what makes the best souvenir to bring home from you travels? Here are 10 of the best - which one is your favorite?

1. Magnets

Magnets may seem like ordinary or unoriginal trinkets to pick up on one’s travels. But there are lots of advantages to this souvenir. Several people point out that magnets take up little room in luggage and are usually very inexpensive.

2. Christmas Ornaments

Memories play a big part in what travelers choose to buy. For example, Christmas ornaments are a common choice because they make putting up your Christmas tree even more memorable.

3. Local Art

Depending on where you travel, you can often find local artists’ paintings, prints, or crafts for sale. For example, Italy and France are famous for their streets filled with many artists selling their work.

4. Coffee Mugs

I am not alone in my addiction to buying coffee mugs. It’s become a habit that is hard to break. But many agree that mugs are one of the best souvenirs when traveling.

5. Miniatures of Famous Landmarks

Another popular choice with travelers can be called typical. But there is nothing wrong with that. Miniatures like the ” Glass pyramids from Egypt,” the “Eiffel Tower from France,” and ” Big Ben from London” are just a few examples.

The cheapest and yet utterly fantastic souvenirs are postcards. Unless you are a professional photographer, one notes that “postcards will always look better than your photos.” They are also very versatile. You can display them in picture frames or put them in photo albums.

6. Postcards

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