Bleisure Vacations: What it Means in 2023

Bleisure Vacations Blend Business With Time off in the New, Work-From-Home Era

In January 2022, Pew Research found 59% of employed adults reported working from home all or most of the time; 61% of that group said they were doing so out of personal preference.

Some claim hybrid working has made balancing their personal and professional lives easier, but others say it has made it more difficult. Employees report losing out on the social aspect of interacting with coworkers face-to-face.

What Are Bleisure Trips?

“Bleisure” trips are when an employee turns a typical business trip into an opportunity to add in nonwork activities. One may bring friends or family along or extend the journey after business meetings are over to squeeze in some sightseeing, relaxing, or other personal time before heading home.

Bleisure Trips Are on the Rise

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than one-third of business travelers were tacking on extra weekends before or after work-related travel.

How Bleisure Impacts Work-Life Balance

Employees eager to take advantage of the opportunity for a bleisure trip should carefully consider the pros and cons.

Tips for Successful Bleisure Trips

It is certainly possible to have both a productive and enjoyable bleisure trip, so long as one openly communicates and plans ahead of time.

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