10 Countries Every American Should See Before They Die

These countries have earned their reputations as world-class travel destinations. I don’t care if you have to spend your kid’s college fund or take out high-interest loans (partially kidding). See these places before it’s too late!

1. Thailand

The Thais are a famously cheery people, and why wouldn’t they be? With idyllic scenery (bamboo and rice fields for days), beaches fit for the gods, ancient ruins, and freaking elephants. There’s so much to love about Thailand.

2. Fiji

Just the name Fiji sounds exotic. It turns out the name matches the country. A former British colony, this island in the South Pacific lies East of Australia. Fiji is so remote that you’ll take some time getting there.

3. Australia

Like some other countries on this list, much of Australia’s value lies in its versatility. You can get a tropical experience in Northeastern cities like Cairns and a completely different experience in Sydney and Melbourne.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica isn’t just a tropical oasis with some of the most scenic beaches you’ll ever tan your buns on. Costa Rica is also comparatively affordable and accessible, making it a realistic and legendary vacation spot for even those on a modest travel budget.

5. Italy

Italy is a nation that offers more than its food, though it offers mouthwatering cuisine in abundance. You could take a dip in Lake Como, sip wine in Tuscany, scale the Dolomites, or make your way to countless other worthwhile destinations throughout Italy.

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