Don’t Do This in Disney Parks! 10 Things Avid Park Goers Advise Against

Welcome, Disney enthusiasts! Everyone knows a trip to the happiest place in the world is a dream come true. But let’s face it; there are some things even the most die-hard fans of Disney will not do.

1. Paying for Water

Running around the park trying to take every ride possible is hectic and can leave you parched. Many forum users mention they would not pay for water to quench their thirst. Instead, they would opt for free tap water. Reusable cups all the way!

2. Wedding Bells

The idea of proposing in front of Cinderella’s Castle may seem like the ultimate fairytale. However, multiple people say they would not pick a place as crowded to do it. Waiting in line for rides is one thing, but staying in line to propose?

3. Saying No to Nemo

While most Disney rides are amusing adventures, some can turn out to be hostage situations. You may be tempted to find Nemo, but many forum users advise against it.

4. Filming on Rides

Forget “Instagram, or it didn’t happen?” How about, “I had the time of my life, and that’s all that matters!” Forum users say they would never film on rides but instead enjoy them while fully present.

5. Not Keeping Heaven Clean

It’s no secret that Disneyland is a magical place, but did you know even the dustbins are enchanted? Okay, maybe not, but something about it captivates people. Many users say they refuse to throw trash elsewhere.

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