Early Retirement? Here’s How to Make Your Dream A Reality

Decide What Early Retirement Means to You

Retirement is such a loaded term. It means different things to different people.

Decide What You are Retiring “To” Not “From”

Traditionally retirement has been defined as retiring from a regular job, to do something else. A lot of people retire from a job because they don’t like it.

Use Retirement Calculators to Help Decide When You Can Retire

An important part of picking a date for early retirement is to know if you have enough money saved. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of knowing exactly how much money you need.

Hire a Financial Advisor or Coach

If you have your eye on retiring early in your 40s or 50s, your preparation will need to adapt to a financial reality that differs from traditional retirement. Retiring early from conventional work hours doesn’t necessarily mean that you will stop working altogether, but you may limit your hours to live more freely.

Get a Second Job

If you are not a high-net-worth individual, you most likely find yourself thinking about retirement. A way to get there faster is by obtaining a second job. Working another job will enable you to pay off debt quicker and save more money. Have you heard of overemployment?

Prep Your Meals for Physical and Financial Fitness

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly $408 billion in food is thrown away yearly in the United States. Meal prepping not only helps to alleviate food wastage and helps you to make a healthier choice but also helps you save on groceries. Meal prepping entails cooking in bulk and portioning out meals ahead of time.

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