Top Things to Do in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

While you may not think of West Texas as a prime destination for recreation, Guadalupe Mountains National Park’s trails, camping, wildlife, and history will quickly change your mind!

Top Trails in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Hiking is a highlight of any visit to Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Many people believe that Texas is flat and, therefore, boring when it comes to hiking opportunities, but the mountains here in this National Park will quickly prove that hypothesis to be wrong!

Guadalupe Peak Hike

While the Guadalupe Peak hike is not an easy trail to undertake, it is a top trail in the park and one that offers a huge payoff for those who come prepared to hike it safely.

McKittrick Canyon Trail

The McKittrick Canyon Trail can either be a lengthy day hike or an overnight backpacking hike that contains the mystical “Grotto” formation, panoramic views at “the Notch”, as well as two remaining early frontier cabins, the Hunter Line Cabin and the Pratt Cabin.

The Tejas Trail

The Tejas Trail traverses “the Bowl,” a unique depression in the Guadalupe Mountains, and the challenging Hunters Peak, another stunning mountain top in the park, and a great wilderness backcountry camping spot as well!

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