How Much Will a Hawaiian Family Vacation Cost?

How Much Is a Trip to Hawaii for a Family of Four?

Our cost estimate for the average Hawaii trip is based on the following assumptions: – You’re flying from Los Angeles, California, to Oahu, Honolulu – You are a family of four – You’re checking into a hotel – It’s a 7-day Hawaiian vacation – You will get a rental car – You’ll book at least two excursions

Breakdown of a Trip to Hawaii for a Family of Four

Here is a breakdown of the $8,969 estimated costs to visit Hawaii for seven days: – Flight: $2,349 – Hotel: $1,652 – Car rental: $968 – Food: $2,100 – Activities: $1,900 If you don’t have this much money earmarked for your Hawaii travels, don’t fret. We’ll explore ways to reduce expenses to fit your budget.

Flight to Hawaii

Unless you live in Hawaii, you’ll have to take a flight to get there. If you’re planning a summer vacation, you’ll want to book as early as possible since airfare goes up for the summer months.

How to Save Money on Your Flight to Hawaii

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to fly to Hawaii for all but free. (You still have to pay $5.60 for taxes per one-way ticket.) How is this possible? Take advantage of airline miles or credit card points to book your tickets. (Details in article.)

How Much Does a Hotel in Hawaii Cost

Again, unless you have folks waiting to house you for your vacation in Hawaii, you’ll have to pay for lodging. We checked the lowest prices at several popular Hawaii hotels, and our estimate is $1,652 for seven days.

How to Save Money on Your Hotel in Hawaii

It may surprise you, but did you know you can also book your beach hotel accommodations and pay absolutely nothing? That’s nothing, as in not even taxes or resort fees. (We've done it multiple times!)

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