25 Must-Visit Hidden Gems From Across the US

The World’s Largest Mailbox, Casey, Illinois

The town of Casey, Illinois is no stranger to breaking world records—it’s home to the largest chair in the U.S.—and the world’s largest mailbox, which was created as part of businessman Jim Bolin’s Big Things in a Small Town workshop.

Mermaid statues in Solvang, California

Tucked away just two hours from Los Angeles, the quaint town of Solvang, California, is modeled after Denmark and Spain.  With its Copenhagen-esque mermaid statues and Spanish cathedrals, you’ll be surprised you’re not in Europe!

Salty dunes at White Sands National Park in Tularosa Basin, New Mexico

New Mexico is home to one of the most underrated national parks: White Sands National Park.  Giant wave-like dunes of white gypsum salt cover 275 miles of desert, making it the largest gypsum dune field in the world.

The world’s only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota

While it might not be one of the buzziest tourist traps, the tiny town of Mitchell, South Dakota, draws over 500,000 annual visitors thanks to its local Corn Palace.  Built in 1892, the palace is made entirely of corn and corn husks.

On the set of ‘The Truman Show’ in Seaside, Florida

If you’ve ever seen the fake city where Jim Carrey’s character lives in 1998’s “The Truman Show,” you might’ve assumed that the pastel, cartoonish city was entirely constructed for the film.

Underground waterfall in Ruby Falls, Tennessee

Ruby Falls is America’s tallest underground waterfall, meaning that it’s literally a hidden gem. Located within Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee, visitors can descend 260 feet by elevator to see Ruby Falls’ ancient cave formations and wander its cavern trail.

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