Hilton Hawaiian Village: Waikiki’s Ultimate Family Resort

Hilton Hawaiian Village Checks All the Boxes

When traveling to Hawaii, perhaps for the first time, you’re looking for a hotel with it all.  In a place where land is hard to come by, the Hilton Hawaiian Village sits across 22 prime acres on Waikiki Beach.

It’s Not Just Iconic; It’s A Special, Historical Place

Aside from being adored by guests, it’s also a place of historical significance and pop-culture milestones. Guests can order the iconic Blue Hawaii cocktail, invented at the resort in 1957 by legendary bartender Harry Yee.

They Call It a Village For a Reason

Spread across 22 acres are 2,860 guest rooms, shops, services, restaurants and bars, luau grounds, daily cultural activities, a world-class spa, 4DFX Cinema, and even an arcade.

Hilton Hawaii Village Room Options: 8 Towers

The Hilton Hawaiian Village grew and expanded with new towers and room options, including fully-furnished condos that offer all the conveniences and space of an apartment but the cleanliness standards of a global resort chain.

1. The Ali’i Tower

If you like the conveniences offered by a large-scale resort but prefer a boutique hotel experience, you can get both by staying at the stylish, beachfront Ali’i Tower.

2. The Diamond Head Tower

This tower is located behind the Ali’i Tower in the middle of The Hilton Hawaiian Village and offers hotel rooms with resort, coast, and ocean views.

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