Hit the Ground Running: 10 Scenic Routes That Will Take Your Breath Away

Passeig Maritim

Located 20 miles from Barcelona, Passeig Maritim checks all the boxes of a perfect running path with its constant view of the open sea. The cool ocean breezes make the running pleasant even on hot summer days.


Boston is best known among runners for its prestigious marathon, but a route that’s nearly as long as the storied marathon course is even more popular among local runners.

The Bay Run

The Bay Run is actually a loop around a wide inlet of the Parramatta River in the Inner West suburbs of Sydney. It has the look of a bay, and runners benefit from the absence of any street crossings and a paved route that climbs only one real hill to the Iron Cove Bridge river crossing.

Chapultepec Forest

Chapultepec Park (Bosque de Chapultepec) is only 3 miles from the heart of Mexico City, but it’s a haven of nature for Mexicans and tourist runners alike. The main loop tours the forested area of Latin America’s second-largest city park.

Arthur’s Seat

There are several theories about how Arthur’s Seat got its name, including some that pertain to the legend of King Arthur, but there’s no denying one thing about this robust hill in the heart of Edinburgh: It will leave you knackered (to use local slang) at the top. The loop climbs and then descends 824 elevation feet.

Grand Canyon Rim Trail

Like circling a lake or ascending a mountain, running along the rim of a canyon is always exhilarating because there’s always a view. When that canyon is the Grand Canyon, you’ll also earn major bragging rights.

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