From Eye-Rolls to Excitement: How to Plan a Trip Your Teens Will Love

Get Them Involved

Involve them in the planning process. Teenagers are more likely to be excited about a trip if they have a say in where they go and what they do. Ask for their input on destinations, activities, and accommodations, and consider their preferences when making decisions.

Snip the Apron Strings…at Least for a Bit

Give them some independence. While it’s important to keep your teens safe, it’s also important to give them some freedom to explore on their own. This can be as simple as letting them wander around a new city independently for a few hours or as complex as planning a day trip for them without adult supervision.

Plan for technology. Teenagers rely heavily on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops for communication and entertainment. Make sure to plan for this by finding accommodations with reliable WiFi and bringing extra charging cords and batteries.

Got WI-FI?

Look for activities that cater to their interests. Whether it’s shopping, adventure sports, or visiting historical sites, make sure to plan activities that your teens will enjoy. This will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. If you followed tip number one, this will be easy.

Do What Interests Them

Be prepared for mood swings. (I mean, it’s going to happen, so we might as well prepare for it.) Teenagers are known for their mood swings, and traveling can exacerbate this. Be prepared for moments of excitement and enthusiasm, as well as moments of boredom or homesickness.

Plan for Moody

Be mindful of your budget. Traveling with teenagers can be expensive, especially if you’re planning activities that cater to their interests. Be mindful of your budget and try to find deals and discounts whenever possible.Tell your teens what the budget limit is and let them help find activities that don’t bust the budget.

Set Your Budget Ahead of Time

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