How to get a Beach Massage in Puerto Vallarta

What to Expect When Getting a Beach Massage in Puerto Vallarta

Wondering how exactly to get a beach massage in Puerto Vallarta? I wondered that, too! Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How Much Does a Beach Massage in Puerto Vallarta Cost?

They charged $20/hour for one hour appointments. That’s so ridiculously cheap compared to what a massage in the States costs, I was happy to pay it every day I was there! (Don’t forget to tip your massage therapist!)

What to Wear When Getting a Beach Massage

The easiest thing to do is to wear loose fitting, stretchy shorts and a swim top. Your therapist will wiggle your swim top over your head while keeping you covered with a towel. A bikini top that ties in the back would have been even easier.

Is it Worth Getting a Beach Massage?

Since we were there to do nothing but relax and we never left our resort, spending $20 (plus tip) and an hour a day getting a massage was absolutely worth it to me! They were professional at all times and I was able to relax and really enjoy it.

How We Stayed for Free at a Resort in Puerto Vallarta

By the way, we stayed at the all-inclusive Riu Palace Pacifico resort and loved it! It’s one of the best Puerto Vallarta beach resorts you can find when searching for a view hotel. Find out how we stayed there for free!

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