Maximizing Your Honeymoon Budget: 31 Tips from Seasoned Travelers and Money Gurus

Start a Honeyfund

A great way to save on your honeymoon is to add a Honeymoon Registry to your list of gift options for your guests.

Avoid Going into Debt to Pay for Your Honeymoon

Planning for a honeymoon should be considered an early financial fire drill for newlyweds. Much can be learned about the health of your communications around money and your mutual willingness to delay gratification if needed.

Prepare a Honeymoon Travel Budget

Even a trip as special as a honeymoon can be stressful if you’re on a limited budget.   Worrying about money is the last thing you should be doing while celebrating with your new spouse.

Pack a Smart Carry-On Bag

Pack a carry-on with your essentials just in case your luggage is lost. Throw in a pair of sandals, bathing suit, toothbrush, a dress, and a nighty for your first honeymoon night, and anything else that will lessen the worry of what to do if your luggage is lost or delayed a few days.

Use Points and Miles

Planning a wedding and a honeymoon can make you stressed out due to some costs involved. People want to go on fun and exotic adventures, but you know that the money must come from somewhere when you go.

Get Travel Insurance

Most plan to save money on travel, food, and lodging during honeymoon arrangements but often fail to protect their plan with good travel insurance.

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