The Secret to Better Sleep While Traveling

Tips for Better Sleep While Traveling

Whether you’re in a hotel room or staying with relatives, start by identifying things you know may bother you. Mitigating these before you ever get in bed will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Is there too much light coming from the window?

Often, hotel curtains leave a pesky gap between them that lets in street lights at night and early morning sunshine before you’re ready for it. Tip: bring a few alligator-type clips to keep them shut.

Use White Noise to Block Out Unwanted Sounds

Whether it’s the people in the room above you, dogs barking outside, or even birds chirping very early in the morning, it’s all too loud when you’re trying to sleep.

Don’t Start Your Trip Sleep Deprived

Simply trying to get everything (and everyone) packed to go can lead to a late night before you travel, especially if your plans require leaving early in the morning. Set yourself up for success by getting good sleep the night before traveling.

Be Smart About Eating and Drinking

Even though you’re on vacation, there are a few common-sense rules you should follow (even if only loosely) if good sleep is a priority for you. (Swipe up to read what they are.)

Are Two Pillows Enough?

Granted, some hotel beds are better than others. If you’re sharing a bed, odds are one of you will find it uncomfortable. Unless you’re lucky enough to sleep in a split king adjustable bed, you’ll have to make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk for an extra blanket and even a different pillow.

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