Ireland or Norway: Which Country in Northern Europe Should You Visit?

When it comes to planning your next vacation in Northern Europe, deciding where to go is always a difficult decision. You may have limited time or a specific budget for the year set aside for traveling. And with so many wonderful European countries to choose from, each unique in its own special way, how do you choose?


A country can really be defined by its traditional cuisine. How it is prepared, the ingredients, and the flavor shows a country’s culture and history in every bite. Do not simply stick to the usual entrees.

Food in Ireland

In Ireland, most meals are simple yet hearty and filling. They present the homemade and neighborly warmth of locally sourced ingredients of vegetables to make well-known dishes like Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, and the infamous Dublin coddle.

Norwegian Food

Norway concentrates more on dishes involving fish. Mostly cod and salmon. Their seafaring culture is still very present today as their seafood is widely renowned and an important export.


Now that we have eaten, it is time to explore after hours. Both countries tend to have a vibrant nighttime culture, but they are very different in key areas. Your preferences will decide which one may be better suited for you.

Ireland’s Nightlife

Ireland is famously known for its pubs, bars, and camaraderie. You will find many popular, fun pubs scattered throughout Ireland. Instead of DJs, find yourself singing along to live music with the rest of the crowd, meeting friendly locals, and joining them for a pint.

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