10 of the Most Dangerous Countries for Women Traveling Solo

1. South Africa

This country is known for its variety, breathtaking landscapes, and various types of African animals. It is an attractive option for a trip, but it’s not so safe for solo trips. South Africa ranks as the most dangerous country for women traveling alone.

2. Brazil

If you have plans to take a solo trip to Brazil, you should know that the country ranks second on this list.  When an investigation was carried out about women feeling safe to walk alone at night, the country got a meager percentage of 28.

3. Russia

Russia is among the top ten countries with laws that try to reduce women’s participation in society and the economy. Not only that, but this country also has the second-highest rate of intentional violence against women.

4. Mexico

Coincidentally, this is the most visited country out of the top five. This is worrisome because the place is increasingly unsafe for female solo travelers. In fact, female tourists are advised to stay close to the resort or hotel and not wander too far for fear of getting hurt or attacked.

5. Iran

Iran has a high level of gender discrimination and inequality, placing it at number five. Women in Iran find it unsafe to walk alone at night, and there is a high level of intimate partner violence.

6. The United States Of America

This is a surprising, not-so-surprising find. The United States of America ranked in the top 20 of the most dangerous countries for female solo travelers. Not only that, but it also is “the most dangerous Western country in the world.”

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