10 Outdated Travel Customs Boomers Had to Endure (Bless Their Hearts)

Yearning for the golden era of travel where paper tickets reigned supreme and in-flight smoking was a mark of sophistication? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek journey down memory lane that dives into the ten travel habits Boomers lived with.

Paper Tickets

Before everything went digital, travel was about losing your ticket at the bottom of your bag or accidentally leaving it on the kitchen table. What’s more fun than a panic attack at the check-in desk? Boomers sure know the thrill!

Photo Slideshows

Remember the good old days when sharing vacation snaps meant holding your friends hostage in your living room for a two-hour slideshow? Who doesn’t miss the ‘oohs’, ‘ahhs’, and stifled yawns echoing in the background? (Not me!)

Unlimited Luggage Allowance

In an era before baggage fees and weight limits, travelers could pack like they were moving abroad, even for a short trip. Boomers might fondly remember the days of hauling oversized suitcases filled with “just-in-case” outfits and various travel conveniences.

Undeveloped Tourist Spots

Do you miss visiting a location before it got ‘spoiled’ by those pesky things like infrastructure, local economy boosts, and world recognition? If you went to any national landmarks 50+ years ago, you likely remember what this was like.

Paper Maps and Guidebooks

Who needs a GPS when you can be arguing about whether to take a left or right turn, all while unfolding an A3 size paper map in a compact car? Bliss.

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