Relax! Experts Reveal the Most Stressful U.S. States to Live In

You Need to Relax

According to, the most relaxed state in the United States is Hawaii. Pulling from data in Google Trends, experts were able to compare each state based on the search frequency for the terms “anxiety,” “depression,” and “stress.”

Hawaii for the Win

Hawaii is known for its spotless beaches, unparalleled surf, and fantastic weather, and perhaps this all contributes to why the state has such a low-stress score.

Okay, but Where Are the Most Stressful Places to Live?

The study revealed that the most stressful state to live in is Connecticut, which earned a stress score of 94.333. In each individual category, Connecticut scored 95 for anxiety, 88 for depression, and 100 for stress. It is the only state to score a 100 in the stress category.

Runners-Up for Stressful States

The other most stressful states to live in are Utah, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Utah scored the highest in depression with a 100, while Kentucky scored a 100 for anxiety.

What Do These Numbers Mean for Me?

Nearly three years after the Covid-19 pandemic first shut the world down, we are still analyzing the effects of a global quarantine, a deadly virus, and a significant overhaul of how life as we know it functions.

Remote Work & Mental Health

Remote work has lessened the importance of living in a major city and instead presents options for the modern American worker. ProVape’s study suggests that more Americans will consider the stress levels of an individual state before making the leap and moving there. (Read the full article for more info.)

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