Want to Retire in Texas? Here Are the 5 Best Big Cities to Consider

1. Houston

Although Houstonians certainly don’t live in the cheapest part of Texas, it remains affordable in comparison to other metro areas of a similar size. Combine that with its world-class healthcare facilities, and it’s no wonder Houston remains a popular choice among retirees.

2. El Paso

One study recently voted this city in the far southwestern part of Texas the 5th best place to retire! There are many reasons for its popularity, but one of the primary selling points is its affordability.

3. Austin

Austin is regularly voted one of the best places to live in the entire country – let alone the state! It has a booming economy, a strong job market, plenty of green open spaces, and endless entertainment options.

4. San Antonio

Do you like the sound of relaxing vibes you may expect in a small town but think you’d miss the excitement of bigger cities? Well, look no further than San Antonio.

5. Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas needs no introduction! Huge, bustling, and home to the Cowboys and Mavericks, it’s a paradise for city-lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.

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