Road Trip Essentials: Make Sure to Pack These in Your Car

What are Road Trip Essentials?

Depending on how far you’re road-tripping, you’ll want to make sure you have many of these essentials when traveling.

Phone Mount for Car

I can’t count how many times we’ve gone on a family road trip, got our rental car and realized we left our phone mount at home. Being in an unfamiliar area is exactly when it’s most important to have our phone map easily accessible!

High-Quality Cooler

Whether you’re going on a quick weekend excursion or a long cross-country road trip, a high-quality cooler is one of the essential road trip items needed for any packing list.

Portable Hard Drive

During a road trip to one of the best places in the world like the USA, Australia or Scotland you will want to take plenty of pictures.

Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Knife is undeniably one of the best things you can bring with you on a road trip. It’s a small portable multi-tool, also called “Swiss Army knife” as it was originally created for soldiers to use opening cans, repairing guns, and more.

Cell Phone

We can all agree that you can not leave on any kind of trip without documents and money. But next in line would be a mobile phone. Since the invention of smartphones, we now use them for many uses everyday that go beyond just making phone calls.

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