10 Rough Around the Edges Destinations Travelers Love and Recommend

Frequent travelers were asked to chime in on their favorite not-so-polished destinations.  Here are ten destinations for galivants who want a little honesty and raw cultural experience in their vacations.

1. India

India clocks in as one of the largest countries in the world and the second-largest populated country in the world. The Asian country is home to the pristine Taj Mahal, picturesque landscapes, and widespread religious practices, yet the country isn’t the neatest to scoot around in.

2. Newfoundland

Leif Erickson supposedly sprang out of this bright Canadian island. The location isn’t the most popular among typical tourists. However, those globetrotters who visit the island claim the locals are the most inviting and friendly individuals in the world.

3. Honduras

Honduras constitutes a significant portion of its funds from the export of coffee beans. That being said, the country is not wealthy, but the landscape and explorations the country holds are incomparable to popular tourist hotspots.

4. Fiji

Fiji is one of the most expensive bottled water brands because it comes from the islands. The islands are not too dangerous nor too expensive, but what makes Fiji a little rough around the edges is the rich history instilled in the buildings and establishments.

5. Yukon

Have you ever read that terrifying story about a man trekking through the Yukon with only a backpack and a dog? The one where a cocky man ignores all warning calls from nature and drags his dog through the ice, succumbing to nature’s unforgiving brutality? Someone added that the Yukon is a fantastic rough destination full of beautiful and intense terrain.

6. Romania

Romania is the birthplace of Count Dracula and home to mythological creatures like phantoms and werewolves, as well as statuesque buildings and burgeoning communities.

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