Soar through Seattle Tree Tops With Bellevue Zip Tour

Get Started at Bellevue Zip Tour

You’ll begin your Bellevue Zip line tour in the parking lot at 14509 SE Newport Way in Bellevue. Their trailer/office is located on the edge of the lot and this is where you’ll sign in. It’s also where you’ll pay $4 for a pair of gloves (if you didn’t bring your own), and weigh in.

Getting Your Ziplining Gear On

Once everyone in your party signs in, you’ll take a short walk up the hill to meet your guides. Safety is their number one priority, and they’ll walk you through each step of getting your gear on.

Getting Up In the Treetops

Of course, before soaring through the tree canopy on a zipline high above the forest floor, you’ll have to climb a ladder to get to the first platform.

Enjoy the Outdoor Adventure at Bellevue Zip Tour!

Your group will spend the next couple of hours taking turns crossing the seven zip lines that make up the zip line tour.

Things You Should Know Before You Go Ziplining in Seattle

Is Zip Lining Scary? Not gonna lie, it sure can be! If you’re afraid of heights, a zip line tour may not be for you. However, most people get more and more comfortable with each line they do.

Will We Still Zip Line if it’s Raining?

You’ll be outside for 2 1/2 to 3 hours and up in the tree canopy for most of that time. You can bring snacks, a water bottle, chapstick, and anything you think you’ll need to be comfortable.

Are Cameras Allowed on the Course?

Yes! You can bring your camera/phone/selfie stick, etc. The only caveat is you’ll have to accept the risk that it could be lost or broken if you drop it. It’s not hard to hold your phone when you’re ziplining, but be sure to turn the volume so you can call it if you do drop it.

What Else Does Bellevue Zip Tour Offer?

The most recent addition is a climbing wall. The wall is available for group reservations, open climbs, climbing classes, and climbing camps.

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