5 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Credit Score

What is Credit?

You may have made many payments with cash or even a debit card when growing up. The money comes out of your account; you cannot buy anything if you have no money.

Credit Scores:

A good credit score is based on the notion that you will pay back the loan. If you can pay bills on time and not leave any bills outstanding, your credit score will increase.

5 Categories for Credit:

Payment History (35%) The first thing any creditor will want to know is if you pay your bills. Creditors want to know if the individual will pay back the loan on time. Lenders want to see if it is high-risk vs low-risk. This factor is the essential part of your FICO score. That is why it is 35% of your score.

How to find your credit score:

There are several places to look to locate your credit score. If you have a credit card, it may be possible to check your credit for free. Several different websites can do a review for free as well.

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Credit Score:

If you have taken a look at your credit and noticed it was not as good as you had hoped, then it is time to start working on it. Here are some tips on how to improve your credit score.

Pay Your Bills:

One of the biggest things hurting people is not paying their bills on time. If you have a credit card, make sure to pay it in full by the due date. Do not pay the minimum that the credit card companies offer. They hope you pay the minimum to put a significant interest rate on your balance.

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