10 Terrible Travel Habits People Can’t Seem to Break

Do you have a travel habit that follows you on each trip?  Here are ten habits tourists cannot break, according to  internet readers, no matter how hard they try.

1. Walking Too Fast

A few travelers say the number one habit they can’t shake is the inability to slow down. Instead of implementing a steady stroll through new territory, they opt for a quick jot. You’re on vacation! What’s the rush?

2. Never Taking a Taxi

When you’re young and pressed for money, you find the cheapest route from point A to point B. We’ve all been there. While that tactic saves money, one user says they’ve conditioned themselves to avoid taxis at all costs, leading them to navigate dangerous areas and adding hours of walking to their day.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

Always make sure you have a water bottle on you. Even if you aren’t traveling, staying hydrated is essential, especially in the summer heat. I almost passed out on a recent hike because I did not hydrate enough before the desert trek. Avoid making the same mistake and quench your thirst.

4. Bringing Too Many Activities

When packing for a trip, do you throw in several books, coloring books, and electronics, etc. or do you limit yourself to one fun activity? One user shares that they bring too many activities to fill their time out of fear they will have too much free time on the trip and get bored.

5. Overpacking

Overpacking is a curse. What will you do if you forget that beautiful dress you plan to wear to the delicious sushi restaurant? But remember, since you’re bringing the dress, you need the heels, and the heels only look good with the necklace and the blue handbag. You get the idea.

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