The 7 Best Flea Markets in Texas

Bussey’s Flea Market

Bussey’s is another excellent place for treasure hunting, finding unique items and antiques. Along with vintage memorabilia, you can also find more modern items from over 500 vendors that show up every weekend.

Texas Antique Weekend

The Texas Antique Weekend is a niche flea market for people primarily interested in antiques. And let me tell you, loads of people are interested. Over 100,000 people show up each year for one of the top antique fairs in Texas.

City-Wide Vintage Sale

Texas is arguably the hottest state in America, so when you find a flea market like City-Wide Vintage Sale that is held indoors, it’s a winner. Holding a flea market outdoor does have its perks, but if you can’t bear the heat, this is where you need to be.

Cole’s Flea Market

Cole’s flea market is open every weekend, year-round. With over 44 shopping acres, more than 1000 vendors and stalls, and 50+ years of experience in the business, you’re right to expect this to be one of the best flea markets in Texas.

Third Monday Trade Days

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly flea market in Texas, TMTD is a fantastic option. They have over 450 vendors selling everything from antiques to accessories and even pets. Like Canton First Monday, this flea market has been running since the 1800s.

Sunny Flea Market

With 35 acres of open space, Sunny flea market welcomes over 30,000 shoppers weekly. You find plenty of booths to browse here because there are so many vendors waiting for you.

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