Come With Me as I Explore the Scenic Town of Banff in Canada (Hint, It’s Breathtaking!)

Experience Banff Through My Eyes

I was invited by Pursuit Collections to come experience what makes the Town of Banff so special. That was an easy task! It’s a lovely town with plenty to offer. Here are some of the highlights of my trip there. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Welcoming Atmosphere at Mount Royal Hotel

First things first, we checked in to the hotel. As guests of the historic Mount Royal Hotel, we were welcomed into the inviting lobby. It was the perfect place to rest and regroup for a few minutes while waiting for our companions.

Exploring Banff With Open Top Tours

Open Top Tours was such fun! Their unique approach to showcasing Banff’s historical sites was as charming as it was informative. Hop in the old-fashioned car driven by your own personal chauffeur who navigates the way through Banff’s scenic and historic sites.

Majestic Banff Springs

Our jaws dropped when we saw Banff Springs for the first time. This captivating landmark is not just another hotel—it’s a testament to Banff’s rich history and the charm of the Canadian Rockies. Did you know Banff Springs first opened its doors way back in 1888?

The Stunning Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain towers over the Town of Banff and is an integral part of its spectacular landscape. Once you’ve seen it, you simply can’t think of Banff without picturing this beautiful mountain as part of it.

Wildlife Encounters

Encountering wildlife in Banff was a fairly common event. While exploring the town, we came upon this deer, calmly walking through a parking lot as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It was a delightful yet humbling experience that reminded us that Banff was their home first.

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